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How to Use Pinterest for Business: Strategies You HAVE to Know

Whilst Pinterest may be another a social media platform to some people, it has become apparent that it is a vital tool for many business owners.

Not your usual sharing platform, Pinterest is now used by over 478 million people on a daily basis as a visual search engine. That is a lot of active users. 

Any businesses with products and services to showcase are missing out if they do not learn the hints and tips of Pinterest. Let us put it this way – PINTEREST CAN SKY ROCKET YOUR TRAFFIC AND EMAIL MARKETING. You can pin-point your target audience, and build your visibility.

So, why is Pinterest so popular? People browsing Pinterest are looking for inspiration or help. Whether they are looking for make-up techniques, home décor, natural health or recipes, Pinterest solves problems quickly! Pinterest hosts visual content that can be shared across other social networks. 

How does this help your business? When someone clicks on your Pin, they can be immediately pushed towards your URL (usually your website or blog post). Pinterest is the only platform that aims to send traffic to an external source. 

Pinterest offers businesses of all sizes a fantastic route to marketing themselves for free, in such a way that your business can grow exponentially. You can create a whole brand strategy with Pinterest alone. What is more, many people turn to Pinterest when they are ready to buy, not simply browse…. You should use Pinterest for your business marketing and incorporate it into your business strategy. There is a huge opportunity for businesses to grow on Pinterest.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to showcase your business and brand today. A Pinterest marketing strategy is a must for most businesses.

Remember to set yourself up as a business to be able to use the business dashboard.

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Can Pinterest help your business?

What is a Pinterest Marketing Strategy?

A Pinterest marketing strategy is the set of planned tactics that you will incorporate into your business’s bigger social media marketing strategy. The usual aim is to enable you to reach new audiences, and give your business, brand, and products a huge amount of visibility.

Pinterest business marketers use the platform to reach new audiences, grow their online presence, drive more traffic to the business’s website or online store, increase conversions, and increase their opt-in to newsletter sign-ups, ticket sales or purchases.

In order to make the most from Pinterest, you should aim to do the following:

1. Create Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Set some SMART goals. SMART is the commonly used acronym for ‘Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound’ goals. Have you set your goals for using Pinterest? Do you have a website or blog to direct your Pinterest traffic to? What will the customer journey be? Does your ideal audience use Pinterest? What are your competitors Pinning about? Where do they direct their traffic?

2. Create Scroll Stopping Pins and Content

Pinterest is a visual platform. You must produce captivating images to make people stop scrolling through.

You should use Pinterest recommended Pin sizes. All of their sizing requirements are here on their help page. Create your static Pins in a 2:3 aspect ratio to avoid unsightly cropped images.

All images and videos must be top quality – blurred, pixelated or poor quality videos will not make people stop and look at your work.

Most users browse Pinterest on mobile – make it easy for them to read your description. Use recommended SEO techniques to help you to rank higher in the listings.

Add text overlay to your images, keeping it sharp and clear, and encourage your audience to click on your link.

Make sure that all of your links to your URL work, and are relevant to the Pin. If somebody clicks on your Pin for a vegan recipe, and gets led to a website showing bakeware for sale, they will click straight off again.

Keep your branding clear. Put your website URL in small writing on the Pin somewhere, and if possible, try to place a discreet opaque logo or watermark. This helps people to recognise your work and also helps to stop other Pinners from directly stealing your images and using them as your own. 

Pinterest ranks Pinners on the quality of their Pins and the consistency of the Pinning. Pinning a couple of times a day is more effective than Pinning 20 Pins one day a week. 

Be careful when re-pinning – there are guidelines as to when and where to re-pin old Pins. It is easy to get blocked for spamming.

3. Use all Pin formats

Pinterest offers a wide range of Pin formats. AT the moment we have static, ideas, video, and carousels.

Creating video and ideas Pins will rank you much higher. 

Carousels to show a variety of products in one Pin.

Use your video Pins as a mini tutorial. People are on the platform to gain inspiration!

4. Plan Your Boards & Board Names Carefully

Nearly all Pinterest searches are unbranded, as people search for a topic over a brand.  

Make sure that your boards have keywords in the names and descriptions.

Keep the Pins on the board relevant to the name and board topic.

5. Optimise Every Pin For SEO

As Pinterest is a search engine, make your Pins easy to find. Like the boards, use keywords in all of your text. There are rumours that Pinterest are phasing out the use of hashtags, yet many people still use them. It can’t do any harm!

6. Track Your Metrics

All marketing strategies are data-driven. You must make use of your business dashboard and track certain metrics and analytics. This will tell you how popular your Pins have been, the engagement you have received, and the topics that are performing the best.

7. Cross Promote Your Pinterest Profile

Many businesses have more than one social media profile. It is now common for businesses to be on many platforms.

Make sure that all of your other social media followers know that you are on Pinterest. Use your profile link or Pins as a post for your other profiles, and guide your followers over to Pinterest.

8. Do Not Spam!

This is a crucial thing to remember, as Pinterest are very handy when it comes to blocking accounts. Whilst a blocked account is not the end of the world as it can be undone, it is a hassle that you really do not need when trying to boost the profile and visibility of your business.

9. Use a Scheduler

There are schedulers available to use on Pinterest, so that you can bulk create Pins, say once a week, and drip them out to be published over the week. The scheduler we recommend is Tailwind. This is a Pinterest verified third party, and so links very well with minimal bugs. There are some handy hacks to learn with Tailwind that can seriously increase your visibility and following.

You should also aim to schedule Pins through the Pinterest scheduler to keep Pinterest happy. They do love fresh content to be Pinned directly through themselves!

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A good Pinterest Strategy can grow your business exponentially!

Do You Really Need a Pinterest Business Account?

When using Pinterest for business, you must create a Pinterest business account. By doing this, you will be able to:

  • Access analytics and monitor your statistics
  • Run Pinterest ads
  • Set up a Shop tab
  • Install the Pinterest tab onto your website

It is easy to set up your business account, and if you already have other social media profiles, it should pose no problem to you. To set up a business profile, click here to see how Pinterest recommend you do it. You can also follow a wide range of easy video tutorials online. In all honesty, you can probably figure it out for yourself if you head on over to Pinterest.

Pinterest Basic Glossary of Terms

Pinterest does have it’s own lingo and terminology. Familiarise yourself with it before you get going. Knowing the lingo can help if you ever need to ask for assistance – you do not want an answer full of words that you do not understand!

  • Pin – A Pin is the primary post and image that you create on Pinterest. It should aim to inspire people to click on it, and then click again to your chosen URL.
  • Video Pins – Like regular Pins, but feature a video instead of a static image.
  • Carousel Pins – Instead of just one image, carousel Pins feature multiple images. Up to five images can be added to a carousel Pin.
  • Collections Pins – These Pins make it easier for Pinners to shop for similar products when they click on the magnifying glass in the bottom right corner of a Collections Pin, white dots will appear.
  • Idea Pins – A feature that is not yet available worldwide, Idea Pins can be used to promote your brand in a new way. You can customise many features, and use a mixture of static and video clips if required, to create a step-by-step guides or collection.
  • Rich Pins – Rich Pins retrieve information from your website and attach it to Pin. They provide additional information, such as product availability and up-to-date pricing. Rich Pins are available in four formats: Recipe Pins, Article Pins, Product Pins, and App Pins.
  • Promoted Pins – these Pins are paid adverts. Businesses use these to increase their visibility on the platform.
  • Pinner – Pinterest users are known as ‘Pinners’.
  • Save – When you find a Pin you like and wish to look at again, you can save it. 
  • Re-pin – A pin that is shared to another board, to the same board at a later date, or to someone else’s board. Pins can be re-pinned by the creator or a user, and can be shared to other social media platforms.
  • Boards – This is where Pins are posted to saved. A board will be based around a specific subject, and will have relevant Pins pinned to it.
  • Group Board  – These are boards that multiple people Pin to and re-pin from. They often have high engagement and help with your visibility.
  • Secret Board – Boards that can only be seen by the creator and invited collaborators. They are very useful for planning – the public cannot see these boards.
  • Protected Board – Similar to secret boards, protected boards live at the bottom of your Pinterest profile. Only the creator can see them. Be aware that Pins on these protected boards can be seen if a Pinner has a direct link.
  • Pinterest Tag –Thisis apiece of code that you add to your website. It allows Pinterest totrack visitors to your site alongside the actions they take on your site after seeing your ad.
  • Pinterest Tag Helper – a Google Chrome extension that ensures your tag is correctly set up. 
  • Pinterest Act-a-like Audience – The same as ‘lookalike’ audiences on other social media platforms. Act-a-like audiences are found when you identify Pinners who are similar to your existing audience. Pinterest will find new people for you to target by using data.
  • Audience Insights – Pinterest business users have access to important metrics and analytics via Audience Insights. Just like Google has Google analytics, Pinterest has Pinterest analytics. These are very important and should be utilised. Look at the metrics available, and monitor them to see fluctuations and patterns. 

Is It Easy To Use Pinterest For Your Business?

Yes! If you learn how to create a Pin, then you can boost your business profile by posting visual content and inspiration. Cross promote your work onto other social networks, and hone in on your target audience.

Add your image, Pin description (using relevant keywords), add your URL and your tags, and you wait to appear in searches and get ranked.

You should use Pinterest as a part of your social media strategy – post engaging content, monitor your follower count, time any seasonal content, and share any relevant content that you feel your audience will enjoy.

There are many types of content on Pinterest – from cooking, educational content, beauty inspiration…. Sharing content has never been easier! You share your content to boards (your own and other Pinners), and allow people to use the search bar to discover you.

If you are interested in using Pinterest for your business, but feel a little daunted, then take a look at our in-depth Pinterest for Business Course.

We have packed this course with information, hints, tips, and techniques to ensure that you get the most out of Pinterest. As always, we are on hand to help you with any queries or questions you may have. 

Happy Pinning! We really hope that you enjoy your Pinning journey.

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