Training resources

Business Training Packages

We offer a range of training materials and resources which enable businesses to upskill their employees with minimum fuss.

The hard work is taken away from you – we plan, research, design and write all of our business materials, which means that all you have to do is deliver the training. It could not be easier.  

Our packages have been created with ease for our clients in mind. All packages include:

  • Full  instructor guide
  • Learner guide
  • Course plan
  • Activities
  • Assessments & evaluation forms
  • Customised with your logo and business details
  • All courses are fully editable

Increase the knowledge and skills of your workforce whilst boosting employee satisfaction.

We develop all of these packages in line with our professional standards. Our stringent high levels of educational specifications are all adhered to.

Contact us at for more information.

Our most popular packages for course materials are:

  • Crisis Management
  • Sales and Negotiation
  • Business Planning
  • Quality Management
  • Marketing Essentials  
  • Account Management  
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Managing a Virtual Team     
  • Presenting Technical Information    
  • Business Planning  
  • Performance Management

This is just a handful of the courses we offer- contact us to discuss the full range of training materials available. Our dedicated staff will be more than happy to help you.

Why Choose Us For Your Business Training Needs?

We provide the tools and resources needed to help our clients meet the high standards and expectations laid out in today’s management and industry market.

It is common for employers to now look for more than qualifications. Professionalism and personality are also the key indicators highlighting the suitability of an individual.
Owing to the high stakes in professionalism, many employers are now open to training up the personnel they feel fit their business. Gone are the old fashioned days of simply hiring qualifications over personality and professionalism.

By providing in-house training, businesses actively demonstrate their eagerness to enhance their employees skillset and professional standards. Alongside adhering to our strict code of conduct, all of our courses and training materials have been created inline with our strict educational framework. We ensure that our users have access the technical knowledge, skills, behaviours and experience required in today’s competitive business world. Our courses have been created by lead educators working with industry professionals.

The definition of an industry leader and professional goes far beyond knowledge and competencies. We have created our Professional Certification Programme to meet these standards in all aspects of our work. You can expect clarity in all aspects of professionalism, behaviour, social responsibility and our commitment to continuing our professional standards and development.

Here at Management & Industry Guild, we uphold all of the standards we associate to professionalism. The standards apply equally to all personnel, regardless of their level of involvement within the Guild.

These standards have been created under four main principles:

• Ethical Standards and Integrity

• Professional Standards and Behaviour

• Profession Representation of the Management & Industry Guild

• Governance and Assurance